Mandatory School Uniforms? Say it Isn't So

Councilman say it's all about safety

Don't tell your kids but the City Council unanimously passed a resolution Wednesday recommending school uniforms at all Los Angeles Unified School District campuses.

The resolution by Councilman Jose Huizar called on the district to adopt a policy that would make school uniforms mandatory.

"I served on the school board for four years, and I certainly witnessed that those schools with uniforms had higher student achievement, and I also saw that their students were more orderly and focused on the purpose of learning at school," Huizar said.

The nation's second-largest school district currently allows the administration of each school to decide whether its students should wear uniforms.

Capt. Phillip Tingerides of the Los Angeles Police Department's Southeast Division said school uniforms are necessary for public safety, particularly in communities with gangs.

"In areas like southeast L.A. where there are gangs everywhere, and they're identified by colors of clothing, it takes away that in-your-face-I'm- from-this-gang message," Tingerides said.

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