Murrieta Firefighters Revive Unconscious Cat With New Oxygen Mask

The new mask is designed specifically for use with animals

A lucky cat still has all of its nine lives thanks to Murrieta firefighters.

The pet was found unconscious, it’s breathing labored, in a smoke-filled home Wednesday.

The blaze was sparked by decorative lights that caught bedroom curtains on fire, according to Matt Corelli, a Murrieta Fire Department spokesman.

Crews responded about 11 p.m. to the house fire in the 41000 block of Magnolia Street.

Firefighters had no trouble dousing the flames, but the room was already filled with smoke when a police officer found an unconscious feline under a dresser.

Acting quickly, firefighters used one of their new oxygen masks designed specifically for animals to revive the fluffy Persian cat.

"After receiving some oxygen, the cat perked right up," Corelli said.

In the end, the cat was no worse for the wear, and the firefighters got some practice on their new gear.

It was the first time crews used the masks, donated last year by California Veterinary Specialists in Murrieta.

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