‘Psychopaths.' Video Shows 2 Men Shoot, Stab Stray Cat to Death

Workers say they have no explanation for the vicious attack on the beloved cat that came out of nowhere.

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A horrible case of animal abuse out of Pomona was all caught on video, which shows two men shoot and then stab a stray cat to death.

Investigators were trying to identify the two men Thursday.

“Scruffy started appearing about three months ago, she was sleeping in a drain right back there,” Kamil Rapacz said.

Rapacz works at CFR Patio. He said Scruffy was one of several stray cats that he would feed and provide water but said Scruffy had a special place in his heart.

“I was going to take her to the Humane Society. They do a great service for stray cats,” Rapacz said.

He loved her so much and was planning to bring her home.

“I would hang out with her in my breaks, my lunch after work. We'd come here on the weekends with my girlfriend and come visit her just because we were ready to adopt her. We were just waiting for our landlord to let us know,” Rapacz said.


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On Tuesday night around 9:30, surveillance shows scruffy in the CFR Patio parking lot as a white car approaches.

It appears the passenger uses some type of pellet or BB gun to shoot Scruffy.

While Scruffy is lying helpless on the ground, two men hop the fence and start taking pictures of Scruffy.

“You don't think that people actually do that kind of stuff, but they do,” said Collin Lee, a CFR Patio employee.

Lee's father owns the patio company. He said what happened next was unthinkable.

One of the men appeared to pull out a knife and started stabbing Scruffy repeatedly while the other recorded it.

"I think it shows that they're sick people,” Lee said. “Killing a cat’s not OK, but coming over here and desecrating the body like that -- just psychopaths."

Video shows the two men casually walk away and get into their car.

The Inland Valley Humane Society is now trying to identify the two people in the video, so they can be arrested for felony animal abuse.

Rapacz says he can't watch the video, and he is heart sick because he was so close to rescuing Scruffy.

He's also afraid of what the cat killers might do next.

“Who knows, next week maybe they want to shoot a homeless person. You never know how it's going to go. I really hope they get what's coming to them,” said Rapacz.

Investigators are collecting surveillance video from other businesses, hoping to get a license plate.

If you have any information, call the Inland Valley Humane Society.

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