Former NorCal Mayor “Comes Out,” Supports Gay Marriage

Former Folsom Mayor Takes Ad Out In Local Paper

A former Republican mayor of Folsom is coming out against Proposition 8 -- and coming out as a gay man.

Glenn Fait took out an ad in the local weekly paper to announce his opposition to the initiative that would ban gay marriage and announce he's gay.

The 65-year-old associate law school dean says he felt compelled to act, because his civil rights are at stake.

The father of two says he has no plans to marry.

In the Sacramento Bee, the one-time president of the Rotary Club said he wanted to do something beyond donating and volunteering against the ballot measure.

"I think people will be surprised," said Fait. "For weeks, I was trying to figure out what I can do and then I thought, well, I can do this."

Fait paid more than $600 for the quarter-page ad in the Folsom Telegraph.

Click Here to read the Sacramento Bee story.

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