Everything’s Coming Up Roses on Souvenirs in Pasadena

The best souvenir is not for sale -- it has to be won

Tourists are flocking to Pasadena for the annual Tournament of Roses Parade and the Rose Bowl game.

The event -- on Monday this year as Pasadena maintains a never-on-Sunday rule -- brings in big bucks for the city's economy and into the pockets of souvenir venders.

Tourists get to take home rose-decorated hats, sweatshirts, banners and the like, but the best souvenir can only be won on the gridiron.

The Tiffany-designed trophy that'll go to the winner of the Rose Bowl went on display in Pasadena on Wednesday.

Tiffany has designed the annual Rose Bowl trophy ever since 2004.

This year's trophy featured a three-quarter sized sterling silver football in kicking position. It was created in the company's workshop in Parsippany, N.J., and it was made from 16 pounds of sterling silver.

On Monday, either Oregon or Wisconsin will take home the Leishman Rose Bowl trophy, but until then, the public can snap photos of it at Tiffany & Co. on Colorado Boulevard in Pasadena.

The trophy was named after 1920 president of the Tournament of Roses, William Leishman, who was instrumental in establishing the Rose Bowl game as the "Granddaddy of Them All."

"It's a beautiful trophy and I look forward to, you know, the crowd, the energy, the excitement," said Kevin Frazier, a football fan who dropped by to see it.

Regular souvenir stands were not yet in place Wednesday on Colorado Boulevard, but plenty of mementos were available to early birds at Crown City Sports, a shop that specializes in all kinds of sports memorabilia.

A spokesman said the shop is already doing brisk business, particularly because both teams that'll meet on Monday are from out of town.

"We should sell out," said Marta Flor of Crown City. "People are very excited this year to get their gear."

Wisconsin Badger fan, Richard Huschitt, predicted his fellow Midwesterners would soon be flooding into Pasadena.

"They travel well. Very well-behaved," he said.

The sales people at Crown City Sports said they are not peddling merchandise -- they are selling "memories."

They predicted that special hat or shirt will be a reminder to cherish long after the Ducks are back home and the Badgers are back in Madison.

"Everything is about mementos," said David Harbaugh of Crown City Sports. "When people come to these games, they want to remember the moment."

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