“It Shouldn't Be Legal”: Seniors in Living Center Evicted

Residents say the forced move is splitting up friendships

Nearly 50 residents in their 80s and 90s at a La Crescenta senior living facility have been given a 60-day notice to move out.

"This is a cataclysmic, devastating, heartbreaking debilitating experience. It is," 92-year-old resident Jim Davidson said.

Davidson’s daughter said she wishes the nonprofit responsible for the ousting, be.group, would have told the residents sooner.

"For these people, their age? A change like this is monumental. I just -- there could have been a lot more notice," Clair Mclaim said.

A spokesman for be.group said it gave Twelve Oaks residents the state-mandated 60-day notice.

"We're in the process of closing Twelve Oaks," Dan Hutson, who was traveling Thursday night, told NBC4. "And we're working with a broker to find a buyer for the property."

Steve Horne said his parents -- who both suffer from dementia -- were told they would need to move seven weeks after they moved in.

"We think they've committed senior abandonment," Horne said. "They've dealt in bad faith. If what they've done is legal, it shouldn't be legal."

Be.group defends its handling of the situation and said many Twelve Oaks residents transferred to other be.group properties.

Jim Davidson is grateful that owners found him a spot in their Duarte facility.

"I'm lucky. I wish I could say for everybody else. I sit at a table with four vets -- these four vets -- we tried our darnedest to find a place where we could all go together. We're all going in four separate directions," Davidson said.

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