Watch: Glendale Officer Rescues a Frightened Fawn Stuck in a Fence

Jubilation ensued after the officer helped the baby deer squeeze back through the fence at the base of Glendale hillside.

NBCUniversal Media, LLC

A police officer helped a tiny deer out of a dire situation in a one-person rescue operation caught on camera.

Video from the Glendale Police Department officer’s body-worn camera shows the fawn struggling to free itself from a metal fence behind a home. The distressed deer can be heard bleating as it tried to lunge through the fence.

With a few words of encouragement, the officer repositioned the fawn’s body, neck and head, eventually pushing it through to the other side of the fence. The officer gave the deer a few comforting pats on the head, and residents cheered as it found its footing and scampered up a hillside to rejoin its mother. 

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