Weekend: SoCal's Holiday Lights Glowing Away

We mean "going," of course: Area attractions head into their last season-bright weekend.

The Holidays Are Fa, La, Over: If you're thinking of leaving your Christmas lights up year-round, well, go for it, we say. But a number of attractions will soon pack the bulbs away, for another 11 or so months. Sunday, Jan. 6 is the final day of this holiday season to soak in Holidays at Disneyland Resort, LA Zoo Lights, A Nostalgic Christmas at Santa's VillageMoonlight Forest at LA Arboretum, Enchanted: Forest of Light at Descanso Gardens (it's sold out), Knott's Merry Farm in Buena Park, and Christmas in the Wizarding World at Universal Studios Hollywood. Wrapping on Jan. 5? Holiday in the Park at Six Flags.

Pageant of the Masters tryouts: July is still several hops, skips, and jumps away, but if you'd like to play a volunteer role in the famous Laguna Beach summertime spectacular, you best stop any hopping and skipping and jumping. For the long-running "tableaux vivant" pageant is all about people holding still while occupying recreated paintings and sculptures, to the delight of a marveling audience. Dream of doing this one day? Here's your chance: The pageant producers will be looking at prospective participants on Jan. 4, 5, and 6, so best practice your best statue poses ASAP.

Aquarium Discounted Late Nights: Still haven't visited the Long Beach fish castle, all to admire beasties rocking fins, gills, claws, and other amazing appendages and features? You can, and you can save money by doing so, if you go between 5 and 8 p.m. through Saturday, Jan. 5. For admission to the harborside aquatic institution is $14.95, after 5 o'clock, a discount from the venue's traditional entry prices. Use those three hours to commune with the seals, the sharks, or another favorite, but do note: The lorikeets'll be tucked up for the night.

Christmas Piglets Reign Cute-preme: How does one get crowned as the most cute-preme, as in the being that's most supreme among all cute things? That's a toughie, truly, but the little floppy-earred bundles born on Christmas Eve at Centennial Farm, in Costa Mesa, might be the cute-premest of them all. It's free to get into the OC Fair & Event Center agra-destination to admire these curly-tailed, adorbs-beyond-belief wonders, and to wave at their sweet mom Clover, too. But best do so before Jan. 6, oink oink.

Flashlight Safari: The critter love continues, in Sylmar, on a special Flashlight Tour of the Wildlife Learning Center. There are only 20 spots on each of the three half-hour tours, so do book your $15 ticket pronto. What will you see? You may get up-close with a North American porcupine, or a chinchilla at a meet-and-greet. You may sip hot cocoa, as this is outdoors, and a warming beverage would be nice. And will you see Lola, the superstar sloth, or Zeus, the center's regal, cosmic-eyed owl? Ohhh, what a start to 2019 that would be. Get details now.

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