‘My Mother Was My World': 77-Year-Old Woman Struck, Killed by Hit-and-Run Driver

Shayla Williams screamed and collapsed when she found out her mother was the hit-and-run victim she read about on Facebook.

"My mother was my world," she said. Williams had rushed to the scene after learning about the crash. "We were close like two peas in a pod. I just don't understand how somebody could just hit her and keep on going."

Jackie Morris, 77, was making a grocery run around 6 a.m. Tuesday in the 600 block of Redondo Avenue in Long Beach, police said. While she was crossing the street, she was struck by sedan. Morris later died at the hospital.

Williams said her mother -- like many of the seniors who live in the nearby apartment complex -- jaywalk to the shopping plaza.

The business owner of a Waba Grill nearby gave police surveillance footage of the four-door, silver sedan fleeing the scene.

"They slowed down, they sped up, they slowed down, they clearly hesitated, realizing they did something," Greg Adler said. "Ultimately, they made the decision to speed away."

Morris' family, devastated and very angry, are urging for the driver to come forward.

"You're a murderer," Williams said. "You killed my mother. You killed my mother, a 77-year-old woman with grandkids."

More detailed descriptions of the car and suspected driver were not available, according to Long Beach police.

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