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Someone Stole a Marilyn Monroe Statue From the Four Ladies of Hollywood Gazebo

Security camera video appears to show the man behind the "Great Marilyn Caper of 2019"

Security camera video appears to show the man who climbed a piece of artwork on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and used a hacksaw to remove a statue of Marilyn Monroe.  

LAPD detectives, including a forensics expert, and the Los Angeles Fire Department arrived at the scene at the Hollywood and La Brea Gateway to assist LAPD with the investigation into who stole the statue Sunday on top of the Four Ladies of Hollywood gazebo. A ladder was hoisted up above to allow the forensic scientist to climb to the top of the crime scene. 

"I am calling this the great Marilyn caper of 2019," said Councilman Mitch O'Farrell. "We have a witness who saw someone climb this structure and saw off the statue at the top and it's a Marilyn Monroe image."

Security camera video appears to show someone jump down from the artwork and walk away with a backpack. The man and another man -- both wearing caps -- can be seen on the Walk of Fame with the backpack before they enter the nearby Roosevelt Hotel and meet with a couple in the lobby. They are seen opening the bag and taking a look inside.

No arrests have been reported. The video released Tuesday does not show the theft.

The Hollywood Gazebo celebrates women in film from different cultures who brought change to the film industry. The artwork features depictions of Dolores Del Rio, Dorothy Dandridge, Mae West, and Anna May Wong.

A statue of Monroe, who died in 1962, striking her famous pose from "The Seven Year Itch" stood atop the structure.

"It's not okay to come and vandalize public art," O'Farrell said. 

LAPD Hollywood division detective Douglas Oldfield said forensics already found some evidence in the case. 

"We got a few prints with our experts up there," said LAPD detective Douglas Oldfield. "We noticed the suspect used the Ws as footing.

"It [Ladies of Hollywood Gazebo] means something to the community and we're going to investigate this to the best of our ability."

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