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North Texas School District Relaxes Dress Code After Students Revolt



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    Students in a North Texas school district have new options after a huge uproar over the dress code.

    Back in May, about 170 students were suspended for dress code violations and that led to disruptions in the school cafeteria at Duncanville High School.

    Monday night, school leaders tweaked the school dress code.

    Under the new changes, students will no longer be required to wear belts and they can wear shirts without a collar and untucked. However, shirts must still cover their stomachs and pants cannot sag.

    Still some parents don't agree with even the slightest changes.

    "I personally think the new policy gives too much leeway for the children without the belts and the shirts not being tucked in," said parent Ronchelle Chaffin. "I think they're going to go overboard with that because they're going to come in sagging, they're going to say you need a belt, but if you refer back to the dress code, you don't need a belt."

    Under the old policy students were only allowed to wear certain colors. Chaffin said a change so close to the new school year isn't fair to some. 

    "Some parents have already bought their children uniforms and you'll have some kids straightened in their uniforms and some kids just now getting that information, they'll get to wear their jeans and different color shirts so it's unfair to the parents as well," she said.