Sassy Or Trashy: Leather

Is anything sexier than leather? The answer in a lot of cases is, "yes."

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Alicia Keys blended edgy and feminine accents when she wore this turquoise leather jacket to perform on Today. But sometimes staying sassy in leather isn't so easy. Check out other stars' and decide whether they're looking sassy or trashy.
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Leather dresses are the latest celebrity trend. Drew Barrymore wore one to the premiere of her movie Whip It. While it was a little long, we think the cut was flattering and not too revealing.
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Twilight star Kristen Stewart wore a minidress with a leather corset to a New Moon event. Without giving too much away, the starlet still had sex appeal with a rock-and-roll edge.
Rihanna's leather pants are nothing out of the ordinary, but the bodice adorned with chain fringe and spikes for days really makes us want to keep a safe distance.
Britney Spears has made a significant comeback in the past year, but this dress looks like pure regression. Do us all a favor Brit and hide behind the surfboard.
We're torn on Miley's boots. On the one hand, they're flattering on her lean legs and don't look terrible with her outfit. On the other, she's at a Disney event in shoes that could double for walking the streets.
Ashley looks stunning in this purple leather minidress. The subtle accessories give an otherwise boring ensemble a lot of sass.
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Taylor Momsen's leather pants make her look like she's one-step away from living the Courtney Love lifestyle.
O.M.G. We're at a loss for words here when it comes to Gwyneth Paltrow's leather shorts. We're just going to back away and never speak of this again.
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Lucky for Fergie, you'll never notice her boring leather boots because you'll be distracted by those ridiculous green earmuffs.
It's a Destiny's Child reunion! Well, for the red carpet, anyway. And we must say, the ladies are looking hotter than ever in their respective leather outerwear.
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At the premiere for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, actress Emma Watson showed that she's all grown up while sporting a sassy leather halter top and belt she paired with a simple white skirt.
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Married couple Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz demonstrate that the couple that wears cheesy leather ensemble's together, stays together.
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Model Bar Refaeli keeps it simple in a versatile leather jacket as she arrives to The Late Show with David Letterman.
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How often does Anne Hathaway fail us? The cream-colored leather dress she wore to the photocall for "Bride Wars" proved itself to be elegant and flattering.
The color and detailing on Kathy Griffin's leather vest (shirt? What IS that?) makes us question whether she's on her way to an event or off to hang out with medieval peasants.
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There was a time when we couldn't stop wishing that Angelina Jolie would stop wearing leather (remember the Billy Bob days?). To say that Angie's style has evolved is an understatement, because she is looking H-O-T in this leather dress
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Melrose Place star Jessica Lucas almost gets it right in this leather minidress, but the overly-elaborate waistline sends the dress into gaudy-ville.
Singer Ciara arrived at the 2009 BET Awards in a sexy and flattering ruched brown leather dress. We love the cut, the detailing, and the fact that the body-skimming dress isn't too short.
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We admit that Fergie's leather top is sassy, but paired with a fringed skirt, we're suddenly reminded that the saying "too much of a good thing" exists for a reason.
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Debra Messing, if you're going to wear a brown leather dress that looks like it was purchased at Hershey Park, at least make sure it fits!
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Ciara scores another win with this black leather sweetheart cut dress at the MTV Video Music Awards Japan. The gold bangles paired with a matching gold belt cuts through the color and texture of the dress, creating a sleek red-carpet look.
Well done, Kate Hudson. This pencil skirt sexily skims the body, but is just the right length. Paired with a tailored black shirt, the skirt is definitely sassy.
Ummm, no. Whitney Port may be attending Us Weekly's 25 Most Stylish New Yorkers event, but she looks like she's wearing a costume from a futuristic military B-movie set in space.
The View's Sherri Shepherd mixes soft and hard with a hot-pink tank and leather pants. The look isn't over-the-top, which we appreciate, and has a splash of edginess.
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Dear Robin: Yes, you are 43 and still hot, but you simply must choose between skin tight and too short. One or the other. Never both.
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Actress Kerry Washington needs to learn that less is more. The sweetheart cut leather shirt is cute - we love the ruffle. But there is simply TOO MUCH leather. Choose the shirt or the pants, Kerry, but never both.
Don't get too close to Victoria Beckham. The shoulders on Posh's leather jacket might poke your eyes out.
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If Minnie Mouse decided to switch careers from animated starlet to dominatrix, she might rock this leather bow. That is, if Lady GaGa hadn't already beat her to it.
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Was Katy Perry caught in an explosion at the local Claire's? The pop-star arrived for the Brit Awards wearing leather adorned in everything but the kitchen sink.
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Is Mischa Barton on her way to an H&M VIP Launch or her shift at TGI Fridays? Because her leather vest sure has a lot of "flair."
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Admit it Victoria Beckham. A leather dress with a crazy print paired with thigh-high leather boots makes for a very sweaty Spice Girl.
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It looks like Paris Hilton couldn't decide whether she wanted to go with the schoolgirl or the rocker-chick look when she walked out the door. The red leather skirt paired with the leather jacket proves to be overkill.
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