Simi Valley

“Get Out of My House!” Woman Shrieks at Lone Raccoon Intruder

A lone raccoon won't soon be forgotten by a woman whose screams of panic can be heard in a caught-on-camera ordeal that unfolded at her Southern California home.

The woman's encounter with the animal began after midnight on Tuesday when she told officers she was trapped in her Lexus by a pack of raccoons surrounding her car at her home on Green Pine Place, Simi Valley police said.

One of the raccoons got under the hood of the woman's car, and a firefighter and an officer tried to scare the animal out of the Lexus.

It is not immediately clear if the other animals she reported fled before officers arrived, or if she was mistaken in the number of raccoons. The only one that remained at the home at the time of their arrival was the young "watermelon" sized raccoon.

After biting the end of a clamping tool, the raccoon gets pushed off the side as the woman screamed, "Get out of here!"

The raccoon then jetted into the corner of the woman's garage and hid behind boxes. In the video, the woman can be heard screaming, "Get out of my house! Get out of my house!"

The video then shows a firefighter pick up the raccoon with two long grasping tools. The raccoon then dashed down the driveway as the woman shrieked.

The animal's journey continued along a grass lawn as it scurried toward the street before camping out underneath a police patrol SUV, the video showed.

The officer is seen on the ground shining his flashlight under the SUV to find the raccoon, which eventually got away.

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