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Taking a Bite Out of Crime: Puskas the K-9 Gets Back to Work

Puskas, the Santa Ana Police department K-9 who took a bite out of a pursuit driver, returned to his beat Tuesday after recovering from jaw surgery.

The police dog lost some teeth in during the takedown of a pursuit suspect on Feb. 26, but now he's ready to take a bite out of crime. 

Puskas and Santa Ana Police Department Handler Officer Luis Galeana have been partners for almost 3 years. 

"What was great about that day was that the world got to see what our dogs do," Galeana told NBC4 during a ride-along on the dog's first day back. 

Puskas lost all of his upper and lower teeth -- with the exception of his canine teeth -- during the apprehension of the pursuit suspect. The Santa Ana Police K-9 underwent surgery the following day at VCA Yorba Regional Animal Hospital.

For his "selflessness and bravery through it all" the animal hospital awarded the dog a "purple heart."

Ever since his injury, he's only been able to put food in his mouth so Puskas has a lot of built-up "frustration," Galeana said. 

The dogs can release that tension and frustration through training like , he added. 

"He's very anxious, he wants to get back to work," Galeana said. 

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