Residents on Edge After Convicted Child Molester Moves Close to Sierra Madre School, Park

Residents in Sierra Madre are concerned with a convicted child molester who was legally allowed to move into a family home just a block away from a school and park because of an apparent loophole.

Andrew West Reid, Jr., known legally as Awest, registered as a sexual offender within a month of his recent release, but he was exempted from having to be 2000 feet from schools because he served both federal and state time at a federal facility, according to Sierra Madre Police Chief Larry Giannone.

Awest is living in a family-owned home just over a block away, about 500 feet, from St. Rita Catholic school and about 100 feet from a park.

Giannone said Awest’s living situation has people in the community on edge, but he insisted that federal regulations were tougher than state rules.

“His probation requirements are even stricter, because although he lives in this house he's not to be in view of a school, playground, park, anything of that nature.” Giannone said.

That still isn’t enough for some residents, who question why Awest decided to move in to the same community where he got in trouble.

“I’m just surprised that he chose to come back to the same community that he is very well known,” said resident Bridget Khraich. “It’s almost like he has no fear, or no remorse.”

Federal probation officers are aware that Awest is living in Sierra Madre and how close he is to the school, Giannone said. Awest is listed on the Megan’s Law website.

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