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Police Investigate ‘Smash-and-Grabs' at 6 Various Businesses

For 31 years the Ramirez family has owned and operated the restaurant La Villa Kitchen in San Dimas, and this is not the way they expected to start their day: smash and grab burglars hit their restaurant, along with five others Thursday morning.

"It's sad for me," said Lupe Ramirez, owner of La Villa Kitchen. She said they only got away with $400, but the physical damage is what distresses Ramirez.

At 2:55 a.m., in the Via Verde shopping center, the restaurant and O Sushi & Grill were targeted.

"They took our safe, they took our register and they smashed everything," Jerry, the owner's son, said. "They took some checks and stuff from some of our staff."

Four other San Dimas businesses all on West Arrow Highway were targeted by smash and grab burglars too. According to the Los Angeles County Sheriff's deputies, they were in and out within minutes.

"People spend more time figuring out how to steal something or do something wrong instead of just put the energy into earning it, you know, earning a living," customer Jim Ray said. "And that's disappointing."

The owner of Daily Donuts reported seeing two men drive off in a dark sedan when he arrived for work.

Customers were stunned by how many businesses were hit early this morning: six in San Dimas, one in Glendora, and another in Azusa.

"These people pour their heart and soul into it to make a few hundred dollars a day just to survive," customer Paul Thornton said.

"I hope you guys get caught. You guys are jerks," Jerry Ramirez said.

The following business were burglarized:

  • Daily Donuts at 105 W. Arrow Highway
  • The Chopstick House at 860 W. Arrow Highway
  • Inland Beauty Dispatch at 860 W. Arrow Highway
  • Baskin Robbins at 557 W. Arrow Highway
  • Yummy Sushi at 1126 Via Verde Avenue
  • La Villa Kitchen at 1144 Via Verde Avenue
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