Two Adults Arrested in Pomona, Suspected of Providing Tobacco to Minors

Two people were arrested in Pomona Tuesday on suspicion of furnishing tobacco to a minor.

Police conducted a Tobacco Minor Decoy Operation throughout the city and had two minors wait outside the front of stores in the city licensed to sell tobacco. After telling adults they were under the legal age of 21 to purchase tobacco, asked the adults if they would purchase tobacco products for them, according to Sgt. Jon Edson of the Pomona Police Department.

The minors contacted three adults and two offered to buy cigarettes for them, Edson said.

After the tobacco was given to the minors, the adults were detained, issued citations for furnishing tobacco to minors and released pending their court date, Edson said.

The decoys also entered nine businesses licensed to sell tobacco and attempted to buy cigarettes, but all locations refused to sell due to the minors' age. These businesses were commended for their efforts to prevent illegal sales of tobacco to minors, Edson said.

Tuesday's operation is part of a concerted effort being made in Pomona to reduce the availability of tobacco to minors, Edson said.

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