Woman Doused With Gas, Left to Die

Police on Thursday were searching for the man responsible for dousing a woman with gasoline, lighting her on fire and leaving her to die in a Los Angeles alleyway

A witness rushed to her friend's side moments after the disturbing attack near Avalon Boulevard and Vernon Avenue. The victim, Tabitha Morton, is in critical condition.

Family and friends said Morton was getting better but took a turn for the worse.

"I heard her screaming," said friend Bobbin Bailey. "I seen them put the blanket around her and putting the fire out on her. I wouldn't want my worst enemy to have that."

Investigators were looking for a man known on the streets as "Boo-Boo." He is seen in surveillance footage walking into a gas station smiling minutes before the incident.

A witness said he asked for $1 in gasoline, then said goodbye and have a nice day. Minutes later investigators believe he walked back to the alley, set Morton on fire and calmly walked away as witnesses rushed to help.

Bailey said they used to all live on the streets together. That day she said he and Morton were arguing before the fire. She said she hasn't seen him since.

"He has his good side," Bailey said. "He has his violent side but never double cross him..."

Several family members identifying themselves as Morton's children have set up GoFundMe accounts to help their mother.

They say she is on life support.

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