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  • Wilbur Ross Jun 26

    Trump Wants Federal Hiring to Focus on Skills Over Degrees

    President Donald Trump is preparing to direct the federal government to overhaul its hiring to prioritize a job applicant’s skills over a college degree.

  • Donald Trump Feb 3

    AP Fact Check: Distortions in Trump's Case for Acquittal

    President Donald Trump’s impeachment defense appears to have cleared the bar as far as his fellow Republicans are concerned

  • Donald Trump Jan 31

    Trump to Create Post to Focus on Human Trafficking

    President Donald Trump plans to expand the White House domestic policy office by appointing an individual to focus exclusively on combating human trafficking, The Associated Press has learned.

  • CES Jan 8

    Invitation to Ivanka Trump Draws Backlash at Big Tech Show

    The nation’s largest consumer electronics show on Tuesday hosted Ivanka Trump as a keynote speaker — a choice that drew scorn from many women in technology.

  • Donald Trump Nov 25, 2019

    Scarlett Johansson: Ivanka Trump ‘Baffles Me'

    Scarlett Johansson says Ivanka Trump could have a “big impact” by being vocal, and she’s baffled by the first daughter’s reluctance to take a public stance on controversial issues related to her father’s administration.

  • Donald Trump Nov 8, 2019

    Ivanka Trump: Whistleblower's ID ‘Not Particularly Relevant'

    Ivanka Trump on Friday echoed her father’s view that the House impeachment investigation is an attempt to overturn the 2016 election. But, in an interview with The Associated Press, she parted ways with President Donald Trump by calling the identity of the impeachment whistleblower “not particularly relevant.” The Republican president and some of his allies lately have been pressing the...

  • Donald Trump Oct 21, 2019

    Donald Trump Jr.: Provocateur, Master Preacher for Father

    The shout of “2024!” from the crowd was unmistakable. It stopped Donald Trump Jr. cold. President Donald Trump’s eldest son had been in the midst of a humor-laced screed in which he decried Joe Biden as too old and Elizabeth Warren as too liberal and insisted his father’s 2016 campaign was too disorganized to possibly collude with the Russians. As...

  • Donald Trump Sep 9, 2019

    Congress Returns to McConnell's Legislative ‘Graveyard'

    Facing criticism that the Senate has become little more than what one member calls an “expensive lunch club,” Congress returns for the fall session Monday with pressure mounting on Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to address gun violence, election security and other issues. The Kentucky Republican has promised a “Grim Reaper” strategy focused on burying House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s legislative...

  • Donald Trump Sep 9, 2019

    Guns, Funding in Focus as Congress Returns

    Congress returns to Capitol Hill today after a five week break, with gun safety legislation one of the top priorities for Democrats. Republican lawmakers, however, say they are waiting on guidance from President Trump. “We are not going to vote on bills on the Senate floor that the president is not willing to sign,” says Missouri’s Senator Roy Blunt.

  • Donald Trump Jul 31, 2019

    Trump ‘Rodent' Tweets Ring True at Kushner-Owned Apartments

    Davon Jones doesn’t have to look far to see the irony in President Donald Trump’s tweets that Baltimore is a “rat and rodent infested mess.” His apartment owned by the president’s son-in-law has been invaded by mice since he moved in a year ago. “I don’t know how they come in,” Jones says. “Every time I catch them, they come...

  • Donald Trump Jul 25, 2019

    House Dems Back Subpoenas for Ivanka, Jared Private Emails

    The House Oversight Committee voted along party lines Thursday to authorize subpoenas for personal emails and texts used for official business by top White House aides, including Ivanka Trump and her husband Jared Kushner. Rep. Elijah Cummings of Maryland, the panel’s chairman, said the committee has obtained “direct evidence” that the president’s daughter, Kushner and other top aides were using...

  • Donald Trump Jun 15, 2019

    Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner Took in as Much as $135M Last Year

    Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner took in as much as $135 million in revenue during their second year as aides to President Donald Trump, generated from their vast real estate holdings, stocks and bonds and even a book deal, according to their financial disclosures released Friday.

  • Donald Trump Apr 28, 2019

    Trump's Executive Privilege Strategy Could Mean Messy Fight

    Since George Washington’s time, presidents have used executive privilege to resist congressional inquiries in the name of protecting the confidentiality of their decision-making. President Donald Trump threatened this past week to broadly assert executive privilege to block a number of current and former aides from testifying, including some who have cooperated with special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation. It’s a...

  • Donald Trump Apr 23, 2019

    Fact Check: Mueller Interviewed Many Close to President

    President Donald Trump is falsely suggesting that the people “closest” to him weren’t called to testify before special counsel Robert Mueller and his team because investigators didn’t want to hear the “good things” those people would want to share about the president. Plenty of people close to Trump, or who worked closely with him, were interviewed by investigators or invited...

  • Donald Trump Apr 19, 2019

    What the Mueller Report Says About Jared Kushner, Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump Jr.

    The 448 pages of special counsel Robert Mueller’s report released Thursday contain a trove of new details about the Trump campaign’s interactions with Russians, Wikileaks, possible obstruction and the emotional highs and lows of now-President Donald Trump as the federal investigation continued behind closed doors. Notably, as NBC News reported, the report contains revelations about a 2016 meeting where Trump’s...

  • Congress Mar 20, 2019

    Trump Administration Proposes Capping Student Loans, Cutting Repayment Options—Here's What That Means for Borrowers

    On Monday, the Trump administration released several proposed changes to the Higher Education Act, which is in the early stages of reauthorization by Congress. The proposal recommends reducing the number of federal loan repayment options and capping the amount of student loans that parents and graduate students can take on. Currently, Americans owe roughly $1.5 trillion in student loans, a...

  • Donald Trump Mar 12, 2019

    Trump's Budget Proposal Offers Preview of Upcoming Campaign

    Frustrated by a divided Congress and rifts within his own party, President Donald Trump is giving little indication in his latest budget proposal of any new policy ambitions for the coming two, or six, years. Trump’s budget plan increases spending on his border wall and the military but is light on fresh ideas heading into his re-election campaign. His budget...

  • Donald Trump Mar 8, 2019

    Trump Budget to Include $100M for Ivanka's Women's Fund

    President Donald Trump’s 2020 budget proposal will include $100 million for a global women’s fund spearheaded by his daughter Ivanka Trump. She said the budget, expected to be released Monday, will include the funding for the Women’s Global Development and Prosperity Initiative. The administration last month launched the government-wide project, which she leads. In a statement to The Associated Press,...

  • Donald Trump Feb 7, 2019

    White House Moves to Help 50 Million Women in Developing Nations Prosper

    Ivanka Trump is unveiling an effort aimed at helping 50 million women in the developing world get ahead economically over the next six years. On Thursday, the White House will officially launch the Women’s Global Development and Prosperity Initiative, a governmentwide project led by the senior adviser and daughter to President Donald Trump. The initiative will involve the State Department,...

  • NBC News Feb 6, 2019

    Ivanka Trump Responds to DC Art Exhibit ‘Ivanka Vacuuming'

    Ivanka Trump responded Tuesday to a Washington, D.C., art exhibit in which a woman who resembles her continuously vacuums crumbs thrown toward her by gallery visitors, NBC News reported. “Women can choose to knock each other down or build each other up. I choose the latter,” the president’s daughter and adviser wrote in a tweet, accompanied by an article about...

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