150 Ferraris Roll Into Pasadena

Dozens of new and vintage machines park in the Crown City.

Pasadena is known for several things: The regal Craftsman homes that line its shady streets, the Norton Simon Museum, JPL, some most excellent burritos, and the vehicle-specific groupings that regularly show up on its boulevards.

Grouping numero uno in this category is filled with the floats of New Year's Day. Of course that has to be Group One.

Grouping numero two is probably the Doo Dah Parade, which includes motorized couches and gurneys. There's nothing really more to add to that. Motorized couches. Gurneys.

But two more are set to zoom into the Crown City over the same weekend, pleasing both fast bike and fast car fans (which, we'll correctly guess, has a ton of cross-over).

Stage #7 of the Amgen Tour of California pedals into the city at the end of the day on Saturday, May 17 after a incline-serious day of pushing through the Angeles National Forest. Want to see some of the best riders around? Head for Old Town Pas (map map map).

The following day is when the two-wheelers make way for the four-wheelers, but not just any four-wheel machines: It's Concorso Ferrari, the day when dozens and dozens of a particularly flashy icon of auto engineering parks it along Colorado Boulevard.

How "dozens and dozens" are we talking here? About 150 Ferraris are expected on May 18, some vintage, some newer, all so gleamy you'll want to pack a back-up pair of sunglasses, in case your first pair can't handle the gleam-deflecting job.

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Ferraris are that shiny.

Concorso Ferrari is free, so swing by and ogle. Yes, "ogle" -- is there any other way with a full stretch of Ferrari-style goodness? You can let the jaw drop a few times.

And dear, dear Pasadena, please keep up the car- and bike- and motorized couch-specific events. We do like how you always adhere to theme, in all of your tried-and-traditional ways.

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