17+ Miles of No Cars: 626 Golden Streets

Roller skate, bike, or saunter from Duarte to South Pas.

It's accurate to say that a Sasquatch goes where he wants to go, generally. Should the Sasquatch want to take a dip in a mountain stream, that's going to happen. Same for taking a nap under a tall tree.

And strolling down the middle of Huntington Drive in San Marino? Well... Call that sighting a bit more unlikely than the mountains, unless it is Sunday, March 5, 2017, and you're at 626 Golden Streets.

The no-cars-on-the-roads event, in the ciclovía tradition, will see over 17 miles of lanes, thoroughfares, and streets closed to vehicles while simultaneously open to cyclists, people on roller skates, people doing the boogie, cartwheeling people, and people out for a classic Sunday stroll.

And, yes, a certain snapshot-ready Sasquatch, too, named Gabe. He's the furry spokesSasquatch of the free fun time, which was postponed due to the San Gabriel Complex Fire in June 2016.

But March 5 is the re-scheduled, it's-absolutely-happening date, and finding Gabe for a selfie will be one of the goals of the day for many attendees.

Other goals? Stopping by the activity booths, watching chalk artists at work, trying out some Zumba, or noshing at a food truck.

There's no start point, no end point, and, of course, "Golden Streets is NOT a race." So jump into the closed streets wherever you please, in Duarte, or Monrovia, or in any of the eight communities along the lengthy route.

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Metro is the presenter, so, you bet, you'll want to take the Gold Line in, if you can, and have cash or your rider card to pay for it (there shall be a fee for your trip, of course, though walking/biking once you're there is totally free).

Weather looks spring's-a-comin' lovely, if rather damp around the middle of the day. But, hey: Sasquatches dig the damp, and if Gabe is out, roaming around, striking a pose, he clearly considers a few raindrops to be not a big deal.

Best pack a slicker, if you aren't lucky enough to have your own damp-deflecting, Sasquatch-style fur.

Gratis good-timing, on bikes and on foot, through some awesome neighborhoods? Even a mountain icon'll come down from the hills for that kind of party.

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