30th Anniversary: ‘Pretty in Pink’ in Hollywood

The '80s classic, which used several LA location, screens at the TCL Chinese 6.

Pretty in Pink

If we were to tell you that a certain 1980s film favorite was marking its 30th anniversary, you likely wouldn't believe it, no way, no how.

You'd have to go back to your old diary, the one covered with kitten and unicorn stickers, and consult the date you first saw "Pretty in Pink," which has become, with time, one of the emblematic movies of the decade. And if you saw the angsty/adorable film opening night, then you watched it on Feb. 28, 1986.

So there's now denying it: "Pretty in Pink" is passing its three-decade mark, but not without a weekend-long release in theaters. Finding those theaters shouldn't be as heart-wrenching as Duckie continuously biking by Andie's house; in fact, the TCL Chinese 6 Theatres will show the teen romance twice on Valentine's Day, at one of the upper-level cinemas, and again the following Wednesday.

Yep, just in time for Valentine's, making the famously pink dress famously worn by Molly Ringwald in the film an apt fashion choice for the pinkiest of holidays.

The stars won't be in attendance, but what you will get is a rare chance to see a film that doesn't make the big-screen rounds all that much played large, like you saw it in 1986.

1. 9. 8. 6. We still need to let that roll around in our noggin a bit. Seriously, kitten/unicorn diary: Is "Pretty in Pink" now 30?

What we don't need to doubt is that this is a movie with a lot of local location cred. John Hughes penned the script, which might make you think it was filmed around the Windy City, but au contraire: Andie's house is in South Pasadena, while Trax, the record store owned by Iona (Annie Potts), is at Broadway and Third Street in Santa Monica. A bevy of other Southern California locations, including the Millennium Biltmore, make cameos, too.

This isn't the only film getting a brief re-release over Valentine's Weekend, note; 2004's "The Notebook" will also run at the TCL Chinese 6 Theatres.

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