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626 Night Market Mini Unveils New Dates

The snack-around pop-up, which debuted in Santa Monica in early 2022, will continue into early fall.

Downtown Santa Monica/626 Night Market Mini

What to Know

  • 1324 Fifth Street in Downtown Santa Monica
  • Free entry, but advance tickets are required
  • July 23 through Oct. 9 (select weekends; check calendar for details)

When is summertime at its most specifically summer-ish?

There's official summer, which begins on the summer solstice and concludes on the autumnal equinox. There's the summer season, which is generally viewed as taking place from the end of May through Labor Day Weekend, or the start of school, whichever arrives first.

And the summer-iest stretch in Southern California?

Light debate may occur around the topic, but we might all agree that summer doesn't truly gain its local footing before June Gloom concludes, and things can stay scorchy into October, possibly with a warm wrap-up on Halloween.

In short: When the Fourth of July ends, the SoCal summer has truly arrived.

626 Night Market Mini will keep those SoCal-style summer vibes going, right into early fall, which should still remain quite toasty, even in the evenings.

For the outdoor food market just revealed new dates for its popular Santa Monica pop-up, which takes place near the Third Street Promenade.

The "mini" in this charming event's name tells the tasty tale. This isn't the huge-of-scale 626 Night Markets seen at roomy locations like Santa Anita Park; rather, this is something rather snug, but definitely snacky, and the ideal stop-by if you're calling upon Santa Monica Pier or Third Street Promenade.

And it isn't too mini-ish, all told: Some three dozen food vendors have shown at earlier happenings, giving guests a wide variety of vittles to peruse.

The miniature outdoor market debuted in February 2022, and returned to the Pacific-close city as longer days grew near.

Now new dates are available for browsing, but don't browse for too long: You'll need to reserve a ticket if you'd like to attend, though, yes, entry is still complimentary.

There are six weekends on the just-revealed schedule, with late July, a single weekend near the middle of August, two September pop-ups, and two early-October events on the roster.

Past foodie favorites have included Cafe 949, Why So Shellfish, Chick N’ Skin, Ghostix and Cheese Wheel Pasta, and the opportunities to snap a picture before taking that first bite? The dishes are delectable in appearance, as well as flavor, so do take those photos before digging in.

For all the major info on this marvelous mini, visit the 626 Night Market site now.

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