A Dino-Themed Celebration to Roar at the Natural History Museum

The bones-iest bastion around throws it way, way, way back, for one day only.


What to Know

  • Sunday, Sept. 18
  • Included with admission
  • A variety of way-cool activities, the chance to chat with paleontologists, and a look at California's official dinosaur

What was a day like in the mind of a dinosaur?

The prehistoric critters didn't leave behind recorded messages, moving memoirs, insightful scribbles, or random notes, so we're not sure how a T. Rex approached the topic of time or if a stegosaurus pondered the setting of the sun and the coming of night.

But when it comes to dinosaur-loving humans and how they approach a day? We have a much better idea as to how that might go.

And on Sunday, Sept. 18, a whole day, or at least several hours of a day, will be devoted to the scaly, super-big superstars of wayback when Dino Fest returns to the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles.

The annual event has proven to be a hit with dino devotees of all ages, thanks to the engaging assortment of activities that fill the roar-markable schedule.

Dinosaur Institute paleontologists are always major players at the event, and they'll be stopping by the festival to chat about a lively range of dinosaur-related topics.

Activities, described as "hands-on," will also festoon the museum-based bash, and getting the opportunity to behold Augustynolophus, the official state dinosaur of California, is also part of the claw-some, er, awesome fun.

When you consider that a day can hold all that and more, well, your imagination about how dinosaurs might have contemplated the passing of the hours, well before clocks existed, only grows.

For more information on this popular happening, a festival "that is over 66 million years in the making!," check out the Natural History Museum site now.

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