A Tree Will Twinkle at the New Music Center Plaza

The recently renovated space is plugging in the sparkly lights for the LA County Christmas Tree Lighting.

Music Center Plaza

What to Know

  • LA County Christmas Tree Lighting
  • Monday, Dec. 2
  • 5 p.m.

Ever moved some furniture around the den, or purchased a sweet sofa for the living room, and then wondered how your holiday decorations might be impacted?

Maybe you pondered going with a miniature tree instead of a giant fir. Perhaps you thought you'd like to add more boughs and bows to the windows, to complement the new configuration. Or that you'd skip it all and only decorate the kitchen for Christmas instead.

The Music Center Plaza, one of our city's grandest meeting points, recently "moved the furniture around," if you can call a multi-month, multi-million dollar rethink such a thing.

It received a full-on make-over, one that enhanced its restaurants, cultural venues, and places for people to sit, socialize, and enjoy.

The completion date? The plaza said hello again, to its many fans, over Labor Day Weekend 2019.

But the plaza's fresh look doesn't mean it will skip the holiday decorating or that it plans on changing up a beloved tradition. And that tradition, the lighting of the Los Angeles County Christmas tree, will take place on Monday evening, Dec. 2.

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It's truly come-one-come-all, a free festivity, complete with free hot chocolate and music from Brass Pacifica.

Oh yes: There'll be chorale performances, too, to up the seasonal vibes.

If you can't make it on the first Monday of December, pout not: This tree'll glow on through the holidays.

Meaning that you can swing by on any Wednesday or Saturday night over the next few weeks, or Tuesday or Thursday or Friday or Sunday or Monday, to capture City Hall in the background and the towering tree close-up.

It's quite the iconic photo opportunity, one that plenty of Angelenos have to snap, year after year. Which is one reason, of many merry ones, that we're quite happy this traditional tree has found a place at the newly imagined Music Center Plaza.

It turns out you can update a room while keeping some of the things you loved best from before the update. 

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