Adventurefuls, a New Girl Scout Cookie, Debut in 2022

The treat, which takes its chewy-good inspiration from the brownie, will be available on the next cookie line-up.

Girl Scouts of the USA

What to Know

  • Girl Scout cookie season begins on Feb. 1, 2022
  • Adventurefuls is a "brownie-inspired cookie with caramel-flavored crème and a hint of sea salt"
  • The new cookie will join favorites like Thin Mints and Samoas on the line-up

Knowing your go-to Girl Scout cookie, the one you always stop to buy while visiting the grocery store, the library, or your local park, isn't simply recalling its fun name.

You surely know the particular look of the box, the shape of the treat, and whether you prefer it best at room temperature, or after it has been refrigerated for a day.

And is it milk-dunkable or tastiest when enjoyed straight from a plate?

Again, we all have our deliciously held ideas on these matters.

For adoring these timeless treats is a cookie-strong calling for many of us. We look forward to these great goodies to brighten up the days of the middle winter, while, most importantly, we show our support to an excellent organization.

It isn't too often, though, that we have to learn a new shape, box, or flavor, but, oh joy, we will soon after 2022 begins. For Girls Scouts of the USA just announced that Adventurefuls, the newest cookie on the iconic roster, will make its debut in just a few months.

So what can a devotee of sweet snacks expect from the newest Girl Scout offering?

"An indulgent brownie-inspired cookie with caramel-flavored crème and a hint of sea salt, Adventurefuls take cookie lovers on a delicious taste adventure just like Girl Scouts go on their own amazing adventures through the program," promises the organization.

Adventurefuls will join Samoas, Thin Mints, Tagalongs, and all of the other famously beloved favorites on the now-iconoic box-stacked tables seen during cookie-selling season.

And, of course, a purchase of a box of Adventurefuls, or any of the cookies, in turn helps the many programs that Girl Scouts participate in, all year long, from STEM-themed adventures to nature-based fun.

The lauded group, which was founded in 1912, is also known for helping the community in myriad ways via its members' give-back acts and pitch-in efforts.

California boasts many Girl Scout troops, with almost 32,000 girls making up the Los Angeles chapter (with 15,000-plus adult members and volunteers in both LA and Ventura). Northern California is home to almost 22,000 Girl Scouts, and 16,000-plus adult volunteers "from Gilroy to the Oregon border."

"We couldn’t imagine a better cookie theme to reinvigorate our cookie program for 2022, and highlight the adventurous spirit that the Girl Scouts bring," said Marina Park, Girl Scouts of Northern California CEO.

"When customers buy a package of Girl Scout cookies, they are making a real difference to support girls in their very own community to build real-life skills, self-assuredness and a lifelong connection to nature preservation."

Another exciting upcoming debut on the Girl Scout calendar?

Look for the new Cookie Business badge. This badge will encourage scouts to "... think like entrepreneurs as they run their own cookie businesses and incorporate online sales via the Digital Cookie® platform."

For more on the Adventureful and the upcoming Girl Scout cookie season, visit the main site now.

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