'AHS: Roanoke' Meets Halloween Horror Nights

The newest "American Horror Story" outing is ready to eek up the Universal Studios scare-tacular

"American Horror Story" is that unusual modern television series that almost, and quite eerily, seems to reach through the screen and into viewers' lives.

Dedicated fan sites, thousands of online fan fiction stories, and even a new costume and prop display at The Paley Center for Media in Beverly Hills all put the show's ultra-scary stuff on this side of our TVs, drawing viewers further into all of those freakish frights devised by creator Ryan Murphy and his team of top-notch terror-inventing writers.

Now viewers will be drawn in even further, with no screen available for separation purposes, at the 2017 Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios Hollywood -- as well as Orlando, Singapore and Japan. The late-summer-into-fall Halloween mazes-and-more event just announced that the latest, stomach-drop-iest turn for the FX hit series will get its own maze this upcoming autumn.

You're right, if you just recalled that "American Horror Story" made a macabre Halloween Horror Nights showing in 2016. That was a walk-through, jumps-aplenty maze focusing on three of the series: Murder House, Freak Show, and Hotel.

The diabolical destination for 2017, though, will focus solely on "Roanoke." Will the Piggy Man make a cameo? The blood moon? You may feel the tingles in your toes well in advance of the Sept. 15 of the mazeful Universal extravaganza.

An extravaganza that will also include a maze for "The Shining," which was revealed in the middle of May.

What mazes are still to come? And special happenings? The creative 'n creepy minds behind HHN will be rolling those out, drip by unnerving drip, in the eeks — we mean weeks — to come.

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