Airport Restaurant Month: LAX Eats

A trio of near-the-planes eateries have joined the HMSHost happening.

Some food-themed trends lollygag along, barely catching enough wind, and interested palates, to stay afloat. But others zoom ahead, taking on so many twists and tasty turns that we can hardly keep up with what's next.

Bacon-flavored desserts? We're speaking to you here, quite pointedly, with a slightly cocked eyebrow.

But Restaurant Weeks, those every-so-often sup-for-a-song happenings, are at the front of the fast trend pack. Once upon a time a group of restaurants in a city joined together for a week of prix fixe-type deals, and that was that.

Wash the dishes, dry the forks, turn out the lights.

Now Restaurant Weeks come in all flavors -- hello, Happy Hour Weeks -- and happen more frequently than once a year -- hello, dineLA's bi-annual cameos -- and land at very, very specific places.

Like LAX. Even our airport has its own distinct Restaurant Week now, which is actually a Restaurant Month, and that month is May. Nope, Airport Restaurant Month doesn't encompass all of the eateries at one of the planet's busiest plane ports, but the HMSHost-helmed event does spotlight a trio of the biggies: Border Grill, Campanile and Gladstone's.

So what's the special thing here? Each of these airport-placed restaurants -- which do have LA-based siblings beyond One World Way -- will feature a special chef's tasting menu in honor of Airport Restaurant Month. 

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There are choices to be made. Gladstone's three entrees include Pan-Roasted Atlantic Salmon, Marinated Grilled Chicken Breast, and Chimichurri Skirt Steak, and there are sides, too, like a wedge salad and roasted asparagus.

Fine dining at the airport is another not-so-recent trend that still has plenty of oomph, but location-specific Restaurant Weeks are still on the new side, for the most part.

But not for long, surely? With Burger Month and Appetizer Week and dine events focusing on a single type of cuisine in the mix, it isn't all that offbeat to see an airport go the Restaurant Week route. By the by, if you're traveling during May, Airport Restaurant Month is happening at just over 50 airports, with almost 100 eateries in the mix.

A chef's menu is a lovely thing, but best arrive early if you're going to enjoy. No one likes to break into a dash for their gate following a sit-down, slowly enjoyed meal of salmon and salad.

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