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Art Installation: Huge Downtown Rabbits

The striking installation "Intrude" sounds an environmental call.

If you've ever approached a rabbit, perhaps to place some vegetables in his vicinity before quietly departing, you know that the long-eared jumper can be off in a flash.

The same holds true for the rabbits currently visiting downtown Los Angeles, though we know when they'll leap out of town: After a short staying ending on Saturday, June 11.

But they aren't the wee nose-twitching forest denizens you might expect; these rabbits are behemoth inflatables, and they glow, too, come nightfall.

The over-sized hares, which are located at three spots during their LA sojourn, are all part of "Intrude," an art installation by Amanda Parer, an Australian artist who created the installation to call attention to the damage often done by a species that arrives late to a particular landscape. 

"Rabbits first traveled to Australia on the ships of the First Fleet and were brought ashore in cages in January 1788 at Sydney Cove -- the site of my proposed installation 'Intrude,'" the artist writes on the project's Pozible page.

The fact that the artist's inflatable rabbits are plush-seeming, like illustrations straight from a childrens book, draws further stark parallels to the environmental issues their Australian introduction created.

Art that's cute from a distance, but with an urgent message, and a title that says much? "Intrude" encapsulates all of these things.

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Where can you view the rabbits? Make for Bank of America Plaza, Wells Fargo Center, and Figat7th, through June 11.

Where else have they been? New York and Houston were their first two stops on their American tour, and Denver is next. A swing into Portugal follows, with a visit to Memphis, Tennessee early in 2017.

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