ARTsea in Marina del Rey: ‘Pop-up Arts District'

Head to the water for dance, sand sculpting, a thumbprint mural, and lots more.

The notion that a street or neighborhood that's fully gone art-ified got that way over a long stretch of time may not exactly be set in stone, in our minds. But we understand that the organic rise of galleries, and other creative spaces, takes time.

Enter, though, the fizzy, light-of-heart art pop-up, which brings many of the gifts and pleasures of an art-forward area to another cool area, for a day. And Marina del Rey already boasts a lot of the hallmarks of an art-y area, all year long, making the pop-up, one-day-only ARTsea kind of a perfect fit.

The "pop-up arts district" will take over a sizable chunk of the water-adjacent area of the burg, with a host of free happenings spreading out, hour-wise and space-wise, on Saturday, June 10.

A number of workshops, from a Playshop Station to a thumbprint mural area, are on the ARTsea map, as is section for live performance. Grab a spot and enjoy the sounds and moves of a Versa-Style Dance Company JAM Session, Yachty by Nature, and several more artists.

Food trucks? They're at the ready. Find your noshables at Cousins Maine Lobster, The Surfer Taco, Swami Sandwiches, and Wise BBQ. The sippables you seek will be at the Beer/Wine Garden, and, if you're still in a peckish mood, there are brick-and-mortar eateries close at hand.

Hula-hoopery? It's happening, throughout the day, and if you haven't yet hula-hoop'd steps from the Pacific, it feels like an activity you should add to your "done that" roster. And sand sculpture works of art'll be on the rise, too, during ARTsea.

June Gloom may be a morning visitor, but after the gray burns away, picture yourself arting-it-up, by the ocean, in numerous ways, in Marina del Rey, from noon o'clock straight through to 10 in the evening.

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