At-Home Fun

Atlas Obscura Offers Offbeat, At-Home Adventures

The explore-your-city's-odd-side collective has taken its quirky events online.

Atlas Obscura

What to Know

  • Wonder at Home series
  • Meet magicians, join trivia nights, play games
  • The worldwide group celebrates the offbeat, strange, and beautiful

Finding the strange, the weird, the humorous, and the memorable parts of life?

You surely have a notable knack for looking beyond what's presented to you, and beneath the surface, and around the corner.

In short? You want to know more about what a place has panache, and magic, and the ability to own its oddness.

Atlas Obscura gets you.

The roam-around, look-deeper collective regularly strays from the beaten path, and even the less-beaten path, into artists' workshops, puppet-making studios, homes filled with cool collections, and other spots that give our cityscapes flavor.

Those in-person tours are on hold right now, so the quirky collective is bringing Atlas Obscura-style adventures to our homes. It's part of the "Wonder at Home" series, and there are several experiences to joyfully jump into, with weird glee.

Eager to know why a hill disappeared in Seattle? Or visit a yurt belonging to a person who is a poet and a magician?

The go-beyond group can help. There are also trivia nights, game events, comedy, storytelling, and other whimsical ways to connect with the marvels and mysteries of the lives of others.

Some online events have fees, some are free, some are ongoing, and some are scheduled for a single outing.

Just check the schedule and find with fantastical forays tickle your fancy.

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