Autumn Arrives at the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

Chai is a theme, but fall fans'll find many traditional and tasty flavor notes in the just-debuted line-up.

What to Know

  • The fall menu debuted on Aug. 26
  • Dark Chocolate Chai Latte is a new offering
  • Look for vegan treats, too, like a Pumpkin Chocolate Loaf

August is still behaving in all of its usual August-extreme ways, and the notion of nubby scarves and adorable sweaters, the kind of clothing we wear in our fall-based daydreams, can summon perspiration beads.

And yet? We can find a slice of the crispest season now, without breaking out the nubby togs, by checking in with our favorite coffee-famous establishments.

For we're in the thick of fall menu debuts, as the eighth month hotly winds down, and Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf just revealed what its shops will be serving over the next several weeks, starting on Wednesday, Aug. 26.

And gosh if we aren't reaching for our nubbiest scarf just at the mere mention of some of these brrr-bringing beverages.

For chai is high on the Coffee Bean fall menu this year, in terms of starring flavors.

Look for a brand-new Dark Chocolate Chai Latte, a " ...warm, creamy and comforting drink that is slightly sweetened with dark chocolate powder."

And the popular Pumpkin Spiced Chai Latte? It's back, and in Ice Blended form, too.

Syrup-inspired sweetness has also been making a strong showing on fall-fun menus in recent years, and maple mavens will find a sippable reason to stop by their local Coffee Bean: A Maple Latte is on the line-up, and, for sure, you can order it in Ice Blended form, too.

And to place on the plate next to your drink?

Bakery favorites with strong September-to-November nomness. A Pumpkin Chocolate Loaf has traditional cachet, while two vegan choices, a Banana Walnut Loaf and a Chocolate Brownie, offer more temptation.

Yes, we said "nomness," which is the blissful state of how you're feeling as you eat and drink fall-inspired foods while wearing a nubby scarf and cute sweater.

We're not yet to fall, but fall is saying hello, starting on Aug. 26 at your local Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.

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