Pasadena Is Home to the Newest Randy's Donuts

The local pastry powerhouse is teaming up with Jones Coffee Roasters at its new Lake Avenue location.

Randy's Donuts

What to Know

  • 230 S. Lake Avenue
  • Jones Coffee Roasters is a partner on the newest shop
  • A socially distanced giveaway is happening on Sept. 2; a free glazed doughnut for all guests from 6 a.m. to noon, and a free glazed doughnut for Randy's Instagram followers from noon to 9 p.m.

So you have a hankering for a classic Randy's glazed?

The kind of perfect doughnut that you think about dipping in your coffee, but then decide against it, and then you go for it, because you know the coffee element works in concert with the doughnut's toothsome, not-crumbly exterior?

You know where to go, then: South and west, if you happen to find yourself at the very heart of Los Angeles.

For the four local Randy's Donuts can be found in Downey, Inglewood, Century City, and El Segundo, which is the original with the ginormous doughnut on the roof.

But you can now add "northeast" to that find-a-Randy's line-up, if you're still standing in the center of LA and you're still longing for a glazed Randy's goodie.

For the local doughnut institution announced its newest location on Aug. 25, and if you guessed "Pasadena," then you have a serious sixth sense for sweets.

Lake Avenue will be the lucky thoroughfare, Sept. 2 is the grand opening, and the shop will hold a socially distanced doughnut giveaway that morning beginning at 6 o'clock.

In fact all guests who visit between 6 a.m. and noon on Sept. 2 will receive a complimentary confection, while Randy's Instagram followers will snag their glazed goodie from noon to 9 that night.

And making the fifth Randy's even more tasty?

Jones Coffee Roasters, a Pasadena favorite, is partnering on the new shop, meaning you'll be able to dip your glazed sinker in a steaming cup of superb joe.

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