Avocado Fest at Angel City Brewery

Ales and the alligator pear dovetail at a delightful summer shebang.

Pits and bottle caps? They're two small, roundish items you're apt to see sitting on a countertop after you've put an outdoorsy summer feast together.

The bottle caps, of course, formerly topped bottles of brew, the cold 'n foamy libation that's as much a part of August-style adult cooling-off as a classic backyard pool party.

And the pits? Well, those are actually sizable seeds, the kind found in the center of avocados, the go-to fruit when guac is requested at the party.

Angel City Brewery knows well that ales and alligator pears are a solid warm-weather duo, and pays fond tribute, accordingly, each summer via Avocado Fest.

But the creamily green festival isn't just about food-beer pairings (though those are one element, for sure). Angel City reintroduces its quirky and flavorful Avocado Ale each year, and it will do so again at the 4th annual Avocado Fest on Sunday, Aug. 14.

What's in a beer? Well, California-grown Haas avo goodness, for one, plus "avocado honey, cilantro, and lime juice," ingredients that are "mashed together utilizing the brewery's own 'Dry-Guac' technique." All avocados, by the by, are peeled and pitted right on site, at the Arts District brewery.

Other piquant pastimes at the yearly party include an avocado photo booth, "avocado amusements," a make-your-own michelada bar, art, a shoppable bazaar, food trucks, and a trio of cocktails inspired by the bumpily salad-topper.

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Okay, okay, our local love of the avocado goes wayyy beyond the topping of salads, we know. It's perfecto on burgers, omelets, and, yes, even in a pint of refreshing beer.

And while some may gently razz Golden Staters for mashing on the mashable fruit as much as we do, well, hey: Stop it. You know the avocado is good for your, and yummy, and can't-be-replace-able, as far as substituting other edibles goes.

What can it add to a solid glass of craft beer? You'll soon find out, if you show at Angel City Brewery's avo-tacular.

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