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Big Art: Art Los Angeles Contemporary

Barker Hangar is the stage for a long weekend full of visual, mind-broadening goodness.

Like food holidays, those occasions that celebrate frozen peas or Tequila Sunrises or brownies, other holidays that aren't traditionally observed events pop up on the calendar.

Take, for example, January. It's major around Los Angeles, and not just because of the delicious holidays that crop up honoring Irish Coffee or pastrami. The first month of the year happens to be Art Month, and one of the biggest to-dos is often saved for last.

That's Art Los Angeles Contemporary, a multi-gallery gathering that's so large that it lands at Barker Hangar in Santa Monica. That's where it'll be from Thursday, Jan. 28 through Sunday, Jan. 31, and, nope, it isn't just open to artists and dealers and buyers.

Fans of the new-new on the visual creation scene are welcome to attend for twenty four bucks. That's the cost of a one-day pass, and parking at Barker Hangar is an additional ten dollars.

For that price you'll soak up the spectacle, which includes paintings and sculptures and textiles and a host of notion-challenging, brain-broadening goodness.

Among the exhibitors? Look for top-notch galleries from here and points all over. Cherry and Martin of LA will be in the house — er, hangar — and Ever Gold Projects out of San Francisco is part of the mondo art experience as well. Several New York-based purveyors will be displaying fresh works, including The Hole, Jack Hanley Gallery, Jane Lombard Gallery, and On Stellar Rays.

Think of it like a supercharged art walk, full of top-notch findings and avant-garde creators, and a whole bunch of people buying and discussing and mulling over various topics, too. It's an excellent way to see the absolute nowness of a sector of art steeped in nowness, which isn't always an easy thing to do, given the velocity of contemporary art.

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Here's your chance to slip into that particular stream, for a day, and be invigorated and/or challenged and/or enlivened by what you see.

Thursday night, do note, is the gala opening, with public hours stretching from Friday to Sunday.

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