Big Bear Lake Opens for Spring and Summer Boating

The East Public Launch Ramp is now open every day. Looking for other to-dos in the area? Great mountain-style hiking abounds.

Big Bear Lake

What to Know

  • The East Public Launch Ramp is now open
  • 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. daily
  • You can find other outdoor pursuits close to and around the lake, like hiking and biking

Fresh air can come in many flavors, and while we don't mean actual flavors, like raspberry or peppermint, we do mean that a breeze-pretty outdoor experience can greatly change depending upon where you're experiencing it.

Take sitting in a craft that's nicely positioned near the middle of Big Bear Lake.

The fresh air you're basking in is bound to have a touch of mountain magic to it, and maybe even a little crispness, if you're on the beautiful blue expanse closer to early morning in the spring.

Many Southern Californians crave that particularly alluring crispness, and the singular fresh air that comes from a day on a boat on the famous body of water. And now they're experiencing it, with the early-April opening of the East Public Launch Ramp.

The ramp, as well as "several other marinas are open for business," says a lake representative.

There's plenty to know in terms of rules and regulations, so read all here.

A number of other major lakes around the Golden State are looking to airy events over the summer of 2021, including at Bass Lake near Yosemite, which will hold a fishing derby over the first weekend of May.

If you're looking for lake-close larks in the Big Bear (literal) neck o' the woods, the tree-filled region is threaded with a number of notable hiking trails, and bike trails, too, ideal places to spend a spring afternoon.

The Champion Lodgepole Pine Trail takes you by one of the most splendid and storied specimens found in the San Bernandino Mountains, a massive tree that stands at over 110 feet, while the "very easy" Stanfield Marsh Boardwalk Wildlife and Waterfowl Preserve puts an emphasis on "the Valley's diverse ecosystems."

And for the schuss set? They look to Bear Mountain and Snow Summit for their downhill delights. Closing day for the 2020-2021 season is coming right up, though, on April 11, so do take note.

Summery pastimes in the area, like view-big rides on the Snow Summit Scenic Sky Chair, will roll out in the weeks to come.

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