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Big Bear Speedway's Badge Days Are Now Rolling

First responders and military members can enjoy two-for-one spins, Mondays through Thursdays, for a limited time.

Big Bear Speedway

What to Know

  • Mondays through Thursdays, through Sept. 2, 2021
  • "Show official badge or military ID, and get a free race for every race purchased"; (limit one complimentary race per badge/ID)
  • Big Bear Snowplay

Does the "whoosh" of mountain air feel just a bit crisper, and more invigorating, than the breezes that rush over us when we're on lower land?

That's a question that happily hovers in the mind of anyone who heads to a peak-y place for outdoor recreation. For mountain air does have a rather fabled quality, even in the summer, providing a different flavor of fun to those people seeking under-the-sky adventure.

And if you're keen to feel that mountain-clear "whoosh" as you round a few bends at Big Bear Speedway, here's something that's mighty kind-hearted and straight from the gratitude files: The kart-cool track, which is located at Big Bear Snowplay, is expressing its thanks to first responders and military members.

That "thank you" comes in the form of a 2-for-1 deal during Badge Days, which just kicked off its 12th year at the scenic speedway.

Or should we say "put pedal to the metal," for the racetrack is all about rounding curves, taking tight turns, and having low-to-the-ground, fast-on-your-wheels fun.

Here's how Badge Days work: First responders and members of the military are invited to visit on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. Just show your ID or badge, then enjoy a free race with a purchased race.

Important to know: The limit on complimentary races is one free race per badge or ID.

The track is billed as a "Grand Prix"-inspired course, running for a fifth of a mile.

The SODI RT8 karts take their style and flair from Formula 1 machines, sweet.

And double karts? They're made with two steering wheels, and a pair of brake pedals, too, so a child can ride with a parent.

As far as going time-to-time with others on the track?

That's not the vibe at this high-in-the-sky speedway: Rather, you're racing against the clock. And you'll put the laps in, too: Each heat features about 10 to 14 laps, with about two miles covered.

For prices, times, Badge Days details, and all of the haps around Big Bear Snowplay, which stays bustling with open-air activities even outside of wintertime, vroom by this site now.

And speaking of winter, or at least the cooler days of fall: Badge Days conclude on Sept. 2, the Friday of Labor Day Weekend. So best get your laps in while the sun is warm, the days are long, and that mountain air has more sweetness and not too much heatness.

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