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Big Bear's Beloved Bald Eagles Get Their Own Fan Party

Adore the adventures of Jackie and Shadow? You can find out more about the feathery and famous duo at an informative to-do.

Friends of Big Bear Valley and Big Bear Eagle Nest Cam

What to Know

  • Sunday, June 13 from 10 a.m. to noon
  • Dana Point Park in Fawnskin (Jackie and Shadow will not be present for the event, but you can "(v)iew the eagle’s nest though a scope")
  • Outdoor Adventure Days will be happening in the area on June 12 and 13

Learning the name of every animal on the internet?

That's not possible or even necessary, of course.

But there are some incredible critters we know quite well from their vivacious virtual presence, and seeing their daily antics and majestic moments play out before a nearby camera can deliver thrills aplenty.

Jackie and Shadow, a celebrated pair of Big Bear bald eagles, are beyond beloved in Southern California, their home region, as well as points well beyond our state and country.

Did we say "beyond beloved"? Utterly obsessed over, in the most touching ways, is really what we meant.

And when an egg appears in the duo's well-sticked nest, which sits high in a tree near Big Bear Lake?

The "obsessed over" aspect only grows, as far-afield fans post thoughts regarding every movement of the pair, as well as the possibility that the pair's eggs may one day yield sweet eaglets.

Now you can flock among other eagle aficionados, in an airy, lake-close park, to honor the birds that bring so much joy to so many people.

It's Jackie & Shadow's Fan Party, and it will flap its wings from 10 a.m. to noon on Sunday, June 13 at Dana Point Park.

That's Dana Point Park in Fawnskin, of course, right on the northwesterly edge of Big Bear Lake.

While there won't be any field trips to the eagles' aerie — they need their privacy, and, indeed, it is located high in the sky — you will have the opportunity to "(v)iew the eagle's nest though a scope" while there.

If you've been viewing Jackie and Shadow via a webcam for years, this is a great chance to see them, or at least their branch-based home, from a fairly short distance away.

Oh yes: And there shall be merchandise for sale, should you want to display your fandom when you return home. And if you can show with a chair, that's a wise (and recommended) idea, too.

The event is part of the larger Outdoor Adventure Days, which are rounding up a host of alfresco activities on both June 12 and 13.

Discovery hikes, mountain biking, and the opportunity to tour a wetland meadow are a few of the outings you can enjoy while up at the lake.

What will 2022 bring for Jackie and Shadow? More eggs, fingers crossed, and more sticks, and more eagle-esque escapades, we hope.

If you can't make the feathery icons' fan party, you can always see what the birds are up to at the Friends of Big Bear Valley and Big Bear Eagle Nest Cam site.

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