Blend Your Own Smoothie, by Bike, at the OC Fair

Visit the Costa Mesa spectacular's new Blender Bar for a "sweet spin," one that will result in a refreshing sip.

OC Fair

What to Know

  • The new Blender Bar at the OC Fair at the OC Fair & Event Center in Costa Mesa
  • Through Aug. 14, Wednesdays through Sundays
  • $12 general admission Wednesday and Thursday, $14 Friday through Sunday

Strapping on a helmet, finding your lucky Lycra shorts, then cycling over to a favorite eatery to pick up a smoothie?

Biking is not an uncommon way to travel to a restaurant, especially one that tastily blends fruits, vegetables, nut butters, and other flavorful ingredients.

And once the brief but necessary blending process is complete? The cyclist can savor a cool and delicious goodie before making the return trip home.

Something that isn't common at all, however?

Blending a creamy smoothie during your ride, courtesy of a blender mounted on the back of the conveyance.

That's all changing at the 2022 OC Fair, thanks to the Blender Bar.

Located inside the Culinary Arts Building, the Blender Bar's stationary bicycles are giving peckish people the chance to pedal, pedal, pedal, all to create the energy that powers the blades inside the bike's blender.

Fruit smoothies are at the center of the new experience, so, nope: Fancy daiquiris will not be blended at the Blender Bar, nor any other dish or drink that relies on the blender's fast-action stirring abilities (pesto, hummus, and salsa, we're fondly thinking of you here, too).

But wait: You can blend a margarita, for $12.99. The cost to bike 'n blend your own smoothie? It's $6.50.

Might you be inspired to install a stationary bike sporting its own backside blender in your kitchen after taking part in this appetizing experiment?

This could be the next wave in home exercise innovation, wethinks.

Check at the information booth at the OC Fair, which is open on select days through Aug. 14, about visiting the Blender Bar, the hours, and everything you need to know.

Of course, there are other eats at the Costa Mesa extravaganza, the foodstuffs that are fully made and ready for you to enjoy, including shrimp tacos, blooming onions, grilled corn, and sundaes, too.

Now that we think about it, where's the stationary bike that builds a sundae for you, as you pedal, complete with a cherry on top?

Maybe some fair-loving dreamer will come up with that perfect invention soon, the Sundae Cycle. But blending luscious smoothies, for now, sounds like an ideal way to spend part of your day at the fair.

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