Brrrains: Long Beach's Zombie Walk Shambles On

The moaniest go-out in town marks its lucky seventh year.

If "The Walking Dead" or any number of recent undead-themed shows and films have taught us anything, it is this: Be sure you're wearing your favorite outfit when the apocalypse arrives, because you'll be in it for the rest of eternity.

Call it a fine reason to never choose those pants that pinch in the waist on any given morning.

The participants of the Long Beach Zombie Walk understand that the Undeadening can happen at any moment, which means you'll see a variety of get-ups: brides, bankers, sleepers in their nighties. Yep, you'll be in that nightie every day of your life, for always, dear zombie.

You'll see those bankers and brides and a bevy of get-ups that are creative and gleefully gruesome. We say "gleefully" because there's some merry mirth to the proceedings. Yes, zombies moan and dead-eye you, and they occasionally talk in ways about your brain that may make you slightly uncomfortable, but the camaraderie of the walk makes it one lively dead night out.

Or nights, rather. The walk, which marks its lucky seventh year in 2014, has become one of the largest along the West Coast. So, you betcha, it's not a single evening now but a long weekend of happenings. Dates? Friday, Oct. 24 through Sunday, Oct. 26.

But three days of dastardly doings doesn't add up to all zombie walk, all the time. There's a Zombie Prom on Friday night, a screening of Shaun of the Dead (also Friday), and Sunday is "Zombie Children's Day." 

So that's a thing.

Not just a thing -- the dressed-up kidlets'll get to watch "ParaNorman."

And the centerpiece zombie walk? That's Saturday evening around Shoreline Village. So, if you have a first date scheduled for Oct. 25, and you're looking for a restaurant, and hordes of zombies to groan at you, go there.

It'll be a conversation starter with your new friend, we're thinking?

And maybe you two will fall in love and join a future Long Beach Zombie Walk. This mega moaner is clearly here to stay (as are the clothes you choose when the apocalypse happens -- really, think this over.)

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