Butterfly Season Arrives at Kidspace in Pasadena

Flutter flutter: It's time for your tot to don her wings and adopt a caterpillar.

Gina Long/Kidspace Children's Museum

What to Know

  • Butterfly Season begins on Friday, March 11 at Kidspace Children's Museum in Pasadena
  • Admire live butterflies, jump into a Bug Safari, make caterpillar crafts, and adopt a live caterpillar
  • Caterpillar Adoptions are $5.99 at the museum or online

Spying a Painted Lady butterfly riding the breeze is one of those quintessentially Southern California stop-and-sigh moments, a cheery chance to see something spectacular, while it is happening, and stop time, at least for a few sweet seconds.

Knowing when and where a pretty Painted Lady will flutter by isn't always a given, given the butterflies' migratory ways, but there is a way to slow time, connect with the world of butterflies, and enjoy the nature-themed project as a family.

How? By adopting a caterpillar at Kidspace Children's Museum.

The educational museum's springtime adoption program is one of the sweet centerpieces of its colorful calendar, and children look forward to keeping a cute cattie at home, all to witness the fascinating stages that the insect goes through on its way to ultimate butterflydom.

And those stages are beginning again, as Caterpillar Adoptions open for another season on Friday, March 11.

You can adopt your caterpillar for $5.99 at the Pasadena museum or online.

After the little cattie is your care?

Prepare to "(w)itness the dramatic metamorphosis as you watch them go from hungry, hungry caterpillar to delicate chrysalis and emerge into a Painted Lady butterfly, ready to release into your garden or neighborhood park," says the museum.

There are also numerous butterfly-beautiful activities at the museum, which is located close to Rose Bowl Stadium.

Jumping into a way-cool Bug Safari, creating caterpillars out of clay, and exploring fresh exhibits and fun to-dos are on the springtime schedule.

For all of the butterfly-themed goodness currently fluttering its wings around Kidspace, alight on this site, like a Painted Lady alights on a flower, now.

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