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Mermaid Month Is a Vibrant Ventura Gem

Decorations, deals, and a dance party add fin-fabulous fun to the Ventura Harbor Village calendar.

Ventura Harbor Village

What to Know

  • March is Mermaid Month at Ventura Harbor Village
  • Mermaid Meet-and-Greets are popping up on March 13 and 20
  • Look for decorations and deals around the water-close shops

Mermaid mavens?

They know that loving these mythical superstars of the sea isn't simply about checking out mermaid-themed films or digging into the latest mermaid-centered fantasy novel.

For there's a whole lovely lifestyle built around mermaidiana, from home decorations featuring sparkly mermaid tails to all sorts of hair accessories that have a certain scale-shimmery flair.

Mermaid cakes, and iridescent candies, have also been on the rise in our Instagrammable lives, and adding a certain oceanic vibe to your closet is not difficult to do (you don't need to own your own full-on mermaid tail, but there are plenty of tops and jackets out there that sport sea-sweet imagery).

Where to go, though, if you count yourself as a serious mermaid devotee, the sort of landlubber who can't ever get enough of the tails, er, tails from the ocean?

Why you go to the ocean, of course, or at least the ocean's edge, where you can enjoy a multi-day to-do created for mermaid and merman enthusiasts.

It's Mermaid Month we're raising a splash about, Ventura Harbor Village's most fanciful happening (though the area's annual witch and Santa paddles, occurring in October and December respectively, are pretty darn quirky).

March is that enchanted month, and mermaid magic will be fluttering and flitting around the village over several select dates.

There's a Kid’s Free Scavenger Hunt, from March 5 through 31, and if your tot wants to participate, you'll want to swing by the Mermaid Gallery to pick up a scavenger hunt sheet.

On Sunday, March 13 and again on the 20th?

Additional activities of the most effervescent variety will burble up, like kid-cute dance parties, a chalk art demonstration (on March 13), and a Pop-up Mermaid Market (on March 20).

Look also for the oversized mermaid shells, placed around the village, which make for fabulous photo opps (just don't forget to wear a few shells in your hair, or other accouterments that feel properly mermaid-esque).

Adding to the aquatic aura?

A number of shops will have deals and offerings that dove"tail" with the tail-terrific to-do, so check around the village to see which places are part of the mermaid-themed promotions.

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