Carvel Free Cone Day: Just Ahead

Temps are warming up and junior soft-serve ice cream cones are on the menu this April 27.

The notion of a Carvel junior soft-serve ice cream cone is so quintessentially summerlike, and so thoroughly weaved through many people's memories of warm afternoons, that the mere thought of one is enough to transport a daydreamer to a swimming pool or sprinkler-splashed lawn.

Maybe you grew up with another type of soft-serve-y treat, but if you spent your childhood in New York, or Florida, or one of the many states that boasts a fleet of Carvels, that was probably one of your good times go-tos. 

While there are but a few Carvels in California, you can find your way to a free junior soft-serve ice cream cone on Thursday, April 27, which just happens to be Free Cone Day at Carvel.

We know, 'tis the season, with other major ice cream companies also giving away gratis cones on special days. Which makes April, of course, one of the merriest and meltiest of months, a true jimmies-topped harbinger of summer.

The delicious details on Free Cone Day? You'll need to make your way to a participating Carvel between 3 and 8 p.m. on April 27 to score your sweet. (Solid idea: Phone your local shop if you want to know if they're part of Free Cone Day.)

Your choices include chocolate, vanilla, and Cookie Butter, the ice creamery's "newest, limited-time flavor, inspired by the irresistibly creamy, spreadable treat from Louis Biscoff."

While your ice cream is free, do keep in mind that the good-hearted day is a fundraiser for the American Red Cross, Carvel's longtime beneficiary on Free Cone Day.

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How's does Giving Day work? The started-in-1934 company will offer a coupon book for $1 in support of the charity. The coupons are worth "more than $20 in Carvel savings" while that dollar will be donated to the American Red Cross.

Sweet stuff for a sweet day, one that feels like summer in springtime.

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