Chow Down on 58-Cent Wienerschnitzel Chili Dogs

The one-day-only special is in honor of the company's 58th anniversary.

What to Know

  • Tuesday, July 9
  • 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.
  • Chili Dogs and Mustard Hot Dogs (limit 10 per car)

If a fifth anniversary is all about gifts made of wood, and a tenth anniversary is about the tin trinkets, and silver is tied to a 25th anniversary, what's the official gift for 58 years?

A present direct from the mustard shelf, perhaps, or the aisle with the chili display, at least if you're talking about the 58th anniversary of Wienerschnitzel.

For the frankfurter-famous company, which is celebrating its 58th on Tuesday, July 9, is marking the occasion with discounted Chili Dogs and Mustard Dogs.

Discounted for customers, of course, which means that, yes, the gift is really being given to us.

And while this gift isn't free, it isn't much more expensive than free, for each Original Chili Dog and Mustard Dog will be priced at 58 cents on July 9.

For sure, there's a limit here, of ten dogs per car, so keep that in mind as you and your crew roll up to the order kiosk.

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And the hours? You'll want to be at your local participating Wienerschnitzel from 11 a.m. to 8 o'clock. Keep in mind there will be tax, and if you want cheese on your hot dog, that's additional. All Beef Hot Dogs? Not included in this plan, so note that, too.

As you and your team hang out in the car, awaiting your 58-cent hot dogs, feel free to reminisce about previous Wienerschnitzel visits, and the fact that the company was founded right here, in Southern California, in 1961 by John Galardi.

Today? Over 120,000,000 hot dogs are sold each year, making it one of the largest frankfurteries around.

Will ten of those 120 million be ordered by you and your crew on July 9? Celebrate the company's big 58th with a chowdown at the big red W in your neighborhood.

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