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Churro Ice Cream Sandwiches: Your Dream Is Now

The seen here-and-there sweetery sets down roots, in Los Feliz.

It's a fact of kitchen-based creativity that you can, if you're feeling a little wacky, take any food from your pantry or refrigerator or cupboards and put any other food on it or inside it.

No one's stopping you, though some pairings work better than others: pasta and sauce, fries and ketchup, ice cream between to flattened rounds of a churro.

Okay, chances are you've paired the first twosomes many times but never the last, because you never dared to dream that big. But chef Sylvia Yoo dreamed for all of us, creating crispy-cold churro + ice cream creations and selling them at various pop-ups and events around Southern California for the last several months.

Now Chef Yoo and her brother Paul Yoo have found a permanent place for their decadent delectables in Los Feliz. Churro Borough officially debuted on Friday, April 17 on Vermont Avenue, and just in time for summer, too.

Will a scoop of ice cream smooshed between two buttery-to-the-touch churro rounds be the edible accessory for summer along that fashionable stretch?

Well, obviously, because 1) churros and 2) churros paired with ice cream. It's like someone peeked at our dream journal. All of our collective dream journals. 

The ice cream is très small batch, so think quality offbeat flavors like berry panna cotta and Mexican hot chocolate. You can, of course, get your ice cream neat, but why would you? When churros shaped like traditional cookies are standing by, waiting to make your day, and ice cream scoop, just that much better?

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Chef Yoo, by the by, cooked in the New York Kitchens of WD-50 and Jean-Georges and her brother worked with Mexicali Taco & Co.

Shall Churro Borough join the League of Interesting Tasty Holders of Various Foods? We're thinking of the funnel cake ice cream sandwiches of Alhambra's Ice Que and hamburger buns made out of ramen.

SoCal has really been winning on this foodie front. Maybe Charles Phoenix's infamous Cherpumple started it all?

Why shouldn't adventurous eaters push the pairings envelope just a bit further? Sure, sometimes in one's own kitchen, one teams up two things that should never, ever be paired again (sorry, dijon mustard and dark chocolate squares, you seemed like you'd work together).

But then just sometimes someone launches the churro ice cream sandwich far and wide. And we think "surely there's another pairing out there just waiting for culinary superstardom."

Though it may be a long time before anything challenges ice cream encased in either funnel cakes or churros for the quirky, gotta-have-one crown. That's pretty obvious.

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