Cocktails Go Mad (Libs) in Hollywood

A new but old-school but zazzy way to pass the time is now challenging devoted Mad Libbers at The Spare Room.

Spare Room

What to Know

  • The Spare Room at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel
  • A special edition themed to The Spare Room and LA
  • $10

So you're raising something frothy and cold with a friend, the sort of pal you can chat with into the wee smalls, or at least an hour approaching the wee smalls.

How do you jumpstart the conversation, or fill the pockets of silence when conversation lags, or incorporate those buddies who've shown up later in the evening?

There are instant ice breakers, and topic kick-offs, but there's also something rather offbeat, but simultaneously well-known, happening at The Spare Room in Hollywood.

It's Mad Libs, that iconic fill-in-the-blank book that gives people the chance to be funny, weird, and creative, all by picking up a pen and asking a friend to name a noun, a verb, and so on.

But the twist with the Mad Libs book that's now available at the stylish, Hollywood Boulevard-close bar? This Mad Libs "pays homage to Los Angeles and The Spare Room," which means that several of the scenarios will be quite local in theming.

The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel hangout, which is also a gaming parlor, partnered with Mad Libs on the project, making it a treat for LA lovers, Spare Room regulars, and anyone looking for a more adult take on the fill-in-the-blank challenge, which will soon mark its 70th anniversary.

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The cost? It's a tenner, and you can buy it there, along with your cocktail, to play at The Spare Room.

Or, of course, you can wrap it for the holidays for any fans of the spot, or Hollywood, or Southern California, or Mad Libs, that you know.

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