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Codename Burg3r, a ‘Dinneractive' Experience, Launches

Puzzles, stories, characters, and tasty eats, too: Codename Burg3r is the newest sup-and-solve adventure from the team behind Vampire (dot) Pizza.

Codename Burg3r

What to Know

  • The at-home sup-and-solve adventures include a story, puzzles, and tasty eats, too; up to 6 "agents" may play
  • Created by the team behind Vampire (dot) Pizza
  • The menu features "signature burgers, chicken sandwiches and vegan options"

Figuring stuff out over a savory spread of foodstuffs?

We often do just that. We'll sit down among various family members and try to determine our schedule over the coming days, who is in charge of what chore, what obligations have to be met for the week, and other around-the-house needs.

But what if the stuff you had to figure out was more of a fanciful mission, the sort of twisty, turn-laden adventure custom-built for a brave agent? And what if you were that agent, a puzzle-unraveling pro tasked with digging deeper into a mystery with every bite of your burger?

That's the clever thinking behind Codename Burg3r, a just-launched "dinneractive" concept from the whimsical thinkers behind the spooky supper experience Vampire (dot) Pizza.

Codename Burg3r is all about an at-home dining night, while also having a bit of work-together, solve-something-satisfying fun.

The storyline you'll need to unknot together while you nosh?

Those are under wraps, marked "Top Secret," but if you put on your best recruit agent-style thinking cap, you may get to the bottom of the enigma that's included in your order.

Oh yes: And there is "an endless supply of missions" available, if you and your co-recruits are keen to take on more meal-based adventures in the future.

Many of the "creative challenges" have been devised for family engagement, meaning there are missions "for all levels and abilities," but do take a look at each before signing up your family as new recruits.

The "mobile alternate reality restaurant experience" will also require that one of the recruits on your team has "one SMS-enabled device," and that there are up to 6 people (but no more than that) in your group of gumshoes.

As for what's in your order?

Think gourmet, stacked-high burgers, with a fried chicken and vegan option, too.

The handles on these hamburgers aren't too hard to decipher, and you won't need to slip them out of an unmarked manila envelope to read them: The T3 is the single patty, the T6 is the double burger, Bird Who Don't Fly is the fried chicken sandwich, and the vegan burger rocks the memorable moniker of Mad Scientist.

Have your questions answered, but also know that mysteries will abound, at the Codename Burg3r site. Prices, delivery details, and more will be unlocked there.

Sign up... if you dare, dinner-loving, adventure-seeking supper-eaters.

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