Costume-up for RennCon, Ren Faire's Cosplay Weekend

Time travelers, anime enthusiasts, queens, fairies, and pirates: Best gussy up in your favorite fantasy-fun looks.

Light Crafter Photography/Original Renaissance Pleasure Faire

The notion that time travelers can traverse through the years as easily as we time-bound humans pass through a doorway?

In our imaginations, eon-spanning adventurers hop between centuries, move among millennia, and dance through the decades, without a care, worry, or fret.

But when a time traveler is faced with a bridge between two months, say, the place where April ends and May begins, what might she do?

One spirited suggestion: She should turn her time machine in the direction of Irwindale, and the Original Renaissance Pleasure Faire, where RennCon will take panache-filled place on April 30 and May 1.

That's April 30 and May 1, 2022, should you sometimes have issues keeping track of particular years, as we imagine time travelers sometimes might.

Time-traveling cosplayers are welcome at the outdoor gathering, and lovers of royal wear, and anime aficionados, and pirates on shore leave, and fairies, gnomes, and goblins, too.

RennCon is the all-cosplay weekend, in short, and if you're a fan of costume play, you'll want to don your most dazzling togs and make for Ren Faire on one or both days.

True, plenty of visitors do show up in costumes, or sporting some ye olde accessories, throughout the festival's run, which is happening each weekend through May 22.

But RennCon is a whimsical window for ultra-creative costuming, and a caboodle of cosplayers will be out in festive force at Ren Faire, enjoying the live music, queenly visitations, and an eclectic assortment of vendors.

Oh yes, and special RennCon events, like the Time Traveler Costume Contest, happening both afternoons from 3 to 3:30 p.m., with a victor announced at 4:15.

Where to meet if you're keen to compete? Set your favorite time-keeping device to 2:45 p.m., which is when you should materialize at "the top of the Food Court" (where the contest registration is located).

And the MARVELous Heroes and Villains Parade? The time is still to be announced for this colorful cavalcade, so best keep an eye on this page to discover the details.

The RennCon happenings are included with your Ren Faire admission, though you'll want to show early to stow your time machine or car; the parking area is limited this year, to give room to some burrowing owls, and arriving promptly is recommended.

Of course, if you're a time traveler, and you're constantly watching your time-keeping device as you zip between the centuries, showing up somewhere on the early-ish side shouldn't be an issue, we'll wager.

Nor should planning for an event that takes place in two different months, on the final day of April and the first day of May.

For once you've conquered quantum travel, getting a handle on a happening that unfolds over a weekend where two months meet shouldn't daunt anyone in the least.

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