Critters, Costumes, and Crafts Fill Scarium of the Pacific

The flipper-rocking, tentacle-sporting residents of Aquarium of the Pacific won't be wearing outfits, of course, but visitors definitely can.

Robin Riggs

What to Know

  • Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach
  • Oct. 30 and 31, 2021; advance reservations are required
  • $36.95 adult (ages 12+), $26.95 child (ages 3-11), $33.95 senior (ages 62+); members and children under the age of 3 admitted free

Is your kid planning a Halloween costume inspired by a super-cool critter?

Your initial thoughts might first alight on the sorts of animals that sport claws, or four paws, or waggy tails, or the sort of furry features that are common among landlubbing beasties.

But there is a whole world filled with gills, fins, and tentacles to be aquatically inspired by, and plenty of Southern Californians will be doing just, as they put together their costumes, ahead of Scarium of the Pacific.

Yep, you guessed it: This glub-glub good time happens at the Aquarium of the Pacific, and it will be paddling by for two playful days in 2021.

Those dates? You guessed it: Halloween weekend is when it all sunnily surfaces, so you and your ocean-obsessed youngsters can choose either Saturday, Oct. 30 or Sunday, Oct. 31.

Robin Riggs

Costumes are not only allowed, but recommended, and while you don't need to dress as a otter, nor does your kid have to wear her go-to jellyfish outfit, theming your look to the fishies that call the Long Beach destination home certainly would be pretty sweet (and delight the ocean aficionados who see you).

A children's costume contest is on the schedule, as are magic shows and storytimes.

There's a take-home element, too: Be sure to pick up the coloring sheets and "supplies for creepy crafts" before you leave the aquarium.

Er, we mean "Scarium," of course.

But before you and your tots decide whether you're all dressing as turtles, shrimps, crabs, or sea lions, best purchase those tickets.

Advance reservations are required for Scarium of the Pacific. The ocean that inspires so much of the aquarium's important educational work may be vast, but capacity at this cute Halloween happening will be limited, and masks are required for guests ages 2 and older.

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