Dance DTLA Is Now Digital (and Still Free)

The Music Center Plaza series is moving online for the summer of 2020, but the same amazing moves and music are still at the heart of the party.

Dance DTLA

What to Know

  • July 10-Sept. 4, Friday nights
  • 7 p.m.
  • Free

Do you frequently glide across the dance floor of your mind nowadays?

Then you might be the sort of person who recalls, with excess happiness, exactly how you spent a joy-filled July Friday night three years ago, and exactly where you were and the friends you were with at the time.

You sound like a dance devotee, a maven of music, the kind of spirited soul who find succor by shimmying as the stars above provide your spotlight.

Then you're surely the kind of person that recalls the major and important moments, and, for many Southern Californians, taking part in Dance DTLA on a summer Friday night has more than qualified as major, and very moving, in multiple meanings of the word.

Dance DTLA is canceled as an in-person event in the summer of 2020, but it will live on, both virtually and vibrantly, as a screen-based spectacular.

So fire up the computer, and push the coffee table in the corner, for The Music Center's Digital Dance DTLA will samba, disco, and tango, over several Friday evenings, beginning on July 10.

As with past happenings, there are themes to each night. Bollywood dancing starts the celebration, on July 10, with the incredible stylings of teacher Achinta S. McDaniel providing everyone at home beautiful inspiration and technique.

Hip Hop, Cumbia, and K-Pop will all reign regally on Friday nights to come, with Samba bidding the summer farewell on Sept. 4.

And for sure, some of Southern California's best instructors will be at the helm, enhancing the at-home experience.

But it isn't simply about shaking the hips or tapping the toes. Every single dance night " ...promises to entertain those who love to dance and includes a warm-up, choreography and cool-down session."

So, for sure: Make sure you get a bit of stretching and body-awakening in, before the twirls and dips begin.

Check out all the terrific themes just ahead, and more on the beloved series, which has been one of the come-together, be-together blasts of a Los Angeles summer for years now.

That doesn't have to change, even though we'll be swaying and stepping within our own abodes. Shimmy by this site to dance with people around the city, and far beyond, over several summer 2020 nights.

Pictured: Achinta S. McDaniel

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